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Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt

We may never know just how the great pyramids were constructed but there are many interesting facts about ancient Egypt that are carved in stone.

Ancient Egyptians invented eyeliner, clocks, metal pipes, toilet seats, the potter's wheel, loom, keys, scissors, carpentry joints, egg hatchery, toothpaste, and even the 365-day calendar. Both Egyptian men and women wore makeup. The Egyptians believed makeup had healing powers and originally wore it for sun protection.

Pharaohs' tombs were stocked with everything they might need in the afterlife including water, food, clothing, medicine, pets, games, and loyal servants.  King Tutankhamun's tomb contained a first aid kit complete with bandages and finger slings.

One of the mysteries that have puzzled scientists for centuries is the mysterious death of the boy king Tutankhamun. The latest theory scientists have put together as they try to solve the mystery is that Tutankhamun died from a fractured leg.

Tutankhamun was only eight or nine years old when he became pharaoh. A fracture to Tutankhamun's thighbone is now pointing as evidence that the pharaoh broke his leg shortly before he died. The 2005 conclusion by a team of Egyptian scientists is that Tutankhamun died of gangrene after breaking his leg. This was most likely caused by a fall from a chariot riding accident that may have been fatal within hours of the injury.

Howard Carter also discovered fifty clay pots bearing Tutankhamun’s official seal 86 years ago when he found King Tutankhamun tomb, that have never been opened. According to archaeologists, the containers probably contained money for the pharaoh’s journey in the afterlife. 

All of a mummy's major internal organs were removed and placed in canopic jars - except for the heart, which was considered the center of a person’s intelligence. Ancient Egyptians were the first to set broken bones and use anesthesia. 

In Ancient Egypt, infections were treated with mouldy bread. What is interesting about this fact, although folk medicine practiced using mould for treatment of ailments, antibiotics were not invented until the 20th century. An Egyptian called Imhotep, who lived five thousand years ago, was the first scientist recorded in history. He was also an architect and an engineer too - he invented the pyramid and the stone column - and he was a priest. What a guy! 

Women, as long as they were not slaves, could participate in business affairs, represent themselves in court, own land, and become a doctor. Even in ancient times, the woman was entitled to half of the couple's assets during a divorce settlement. Egyptian children did not wear clothing until their teens due to the hot climate. The deserts of Egypt were once under water, marine fossils have been found proving there was once salt water in now dry region.

Dividing the day into 24 hours was an Egyptian idea. Ancient Egyptians were mathematical geniuses working out complicated math equations, geometry, fractions, and the decimal system. The Egyptians invented cement and devised reservoirs, irrigation systems, and ways of measuring flood levels.

Egyptians were among the very first people to invent paper, ink, and writing. Egyptians created the first glass objects. The earliest known wine cellars were discovered in Egypt. The world’s oldest known board game was an Egyptian invention. It is called Senet and was probably played like Backgammon and Ludo - we don't know for sure because somebody lost the rules!

Ancient Egyptians knew how to cure meat and preserve food. Baldness was treated with the fats of ibex, crocodile, lion, hippo, and snake. Egyptians believed a person would receive immortality if they died from snakebite. Geese were considered sacred and were allowed to wander through the Egyptian’s homes. 

As more archaeology finds are discovered, we will be adding to the list of interesting facts about Ancient Egypt.

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