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Fun Facts About Cowboys for Kids

Cowboys today are different from the ones long ago. In the old West, the Cowboys would round up cattle and were usually working outside. Some of them could tame wild horses or track animals, and almost all of them got to sleep by the campfire under the stars. There are tales of Cowboys in many countries including North and South America, Spain, Mexico and Australia.

Pictures of these Western heroes show us how they looked and what they wore. Many of the authentic cowboys had long hair and mustaches and beards were common. Cowboys would spend long weeks or months taking care of cattle and horses.

There were no sunglasses back then when they were outside working. The 10-gallon hats and western style Cowboy hats with wide brims kept the sun out of their eyes. Imagine how surprised the Cowboys that lived in the 1800s would be if we could show them sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Boots were what all Cowboys preferred and their boots had metal spurs attached to the back heels. The spurs would help them let the horse know what to do, but most Cowboys just liked the way these looked. Boots were a treasured item and many of the cowboys would spend most of their money just to get one special pair. I bet they would have liked to wear the trainers we have today, but Cowboys wearing trainers seems pretty funny.

Their shirts were long sleeved and buttoned in the front. Cowboys also wore jeans and had leather gloves and leather belts. Leather would last a long time and these gloves would protect their hands. Colourful bandanas were used to wipe away the sweat from their faces.

No cars were invented during the days of the Wild West, but a horse and saddle was fine transportation for a Cowboy. Saddles were custom made and could cost hundreds of dollars.  A Cowboy’s horse was his most valuable and prized possession. Someone could steal money or clothing and be forgiven, or sent to jail, but if they stole a horse, the owner had a right to hang them or shoot them!

Some Cowboys wore chaps over their jeans. These were leather leggings that fit around the waist and legs of the jeans but had no seat. They used these to protect their legs from cuts and scrapes. It became popular to decorate the chaps with fringe or shiny bits of metal.

Cowpoke is only one of the nicknames for a Cowboy; other nicknames are cowpuncher, Cowhand and Buckeroo.

Cowboys roped, rode, and would travel to rodeos to compete for prizes. They were also more likely to settle a disagreement with their fists than with their guns. There was a Code of the West that told how Cowboys were to behave.

“A real Cowboy will come and help his neighbors and friends. He will feed strangers and their horses and not ask questions.  A real Cowboy will stay free and be independent.”

It was considered to be very rude and insulting to call someone using their last name. It was also bad manners to ask any stranger their name or where they were from. Cowboys believed if someone wanted to tell you their name they would.

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