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Fun Dinosaur Facts For Kids

Dinosaurs are indeed the “Terrible Lizards” and they ruled the Earth many years ago, but how much do you know about these creatures?
  Here are some interesting facts about these animals that may surprise you. Let’s uncover some of the secrets about these reptiles now.

I think the funniest thing I’ve ever heard is that some people say that T-Rex evolved into chickens!!

Did you know that the blue whale is larger than any dinosaur that ever existed? This is true and it should give you new respect for this giant ocean dwelling mammal. There may have been a few dinosaurs that were longer in length by a few meters but none that could come close to this animal’s overall size and impressive 181 metric ton weight.

The dinosaurs with the shortest names are the Minmi and the Khaan.

The dinosaur with the longest name is the Micropachycephalasaurus.

The Sauropods is the group of dinosaurs that were the biggest. These dinosaurs were all gigantic in size, with very small heads and long necks for reaching the leaves of tall trees. They moved very slowly, were not aggressive, and ate only plants.

The Ultrasauros is believed to have been 30-40m long and weighed about 40-50 metric tons. Some experts believe that this dinosaur was a very large Brachiosaurus.

The Argentinosaurus (whose name means Silver Lizard) was a behemoth that may have been 35-45 m long and weighed as much as 100 metric tons.

The “Earth Shaking Lizard” is another name for the Seismosaurus that was about 35m long and weighed 30-80 metric tons.

The better known Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus are also Sauropods.

The biggest carnivores, or meat-eaters, were found among the Theropods. This group of dinosaurs lived during the Cretaceous period. 

The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Spinosaurus are members of the Theropod group, but the largest Theropod was the Giganotosaurus carolinii that was 14m long, 4m tall and weighed 8 tons.

The Ichtyosaur is considered to have been a swimming reptile and not a true dinosaur but at 15 m long who wants to argue the point.

The Shantungosaurus was a plant eating dinosaur with a toothless beak like a duck and the biggest one of these was 15 m long.

The Brachiosaurs were the tallest of all dinosaurs found during the late Jurassic period and the early years of the Cretaceous period. Their front legs were longer than their rear legs which gave them a silhouette similar to our modern day giraffe.

The Microraptor is a relatively new therapod fossil that was found in China. As an adult it may have only been about 40 cm long which is about the size of a big crow.

Ankylosaurids is the group of dinosaurs that were the widest in size, they also had armor plating.

The Pentaceratops, Torosaurus and the Triceratops had the biggest skulls of any dinosaurs. These skulls are in museums and they are almost 3m long.

The earliest dinosaurs were small and lived about 230 million years ago during the Triassic period.

The name Velociraptor translates to mean “Speedy Thief”.

The longest tail belonged to the Diplodocus dinosaur and was about 13m long.

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