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Early Weapons

Have you ever wondered about some of the earliest weapons that man used? The very old times were full of huge animals with big teeth and even bigger bodies. They were okay but what were some of the very first weapons that people used for food and protection?

The first weapon used by our long ago ancestors was their fists. If one caveman did not want to share his food he probably punched his friends to let them know. In fact when one man discovered that his neighbour could hit harder he probably went searching for a new “weapon” to use. This is what one of them must have done, especially if he was hungry and tired. Maybe they had all been hunting all day, and he thought it very unfair to lose his share of the woolly mammoth that they had trapped.

When cavemen ruled the world there just were not many real weapons available. This meant that they had to use their imaginations to find something that could be used to do battle. Not only did a caveman have to bop another person on the head to get his way, he had to come up with something to use to best those big “critters” that walked the earth.

Sabre-toothed tigers and other prehistoric animals would have made short work of any person who did not have a weapon of some sort. Maybe a tree branch falling onto the head of one of these early men gave them the idea about using a stick or a club.

Can you imagine a caveman wandering about and being downed by a thick, falling branch?  Pow!!!  Do you suppose he got angry at the branch first and maybe tried to hit it back with his fist?  Bad move, that one. Then the light bulb turned on. “Hmmmm…..this tree hits harder than me…..Now I use it to hit harder at other stuff….Now me Strong.”  Well, maybe it didn’t really happen quite this way.

Stones and rocks were good early weapons too. They could be used for sneak attacks from a distance. People could hide in caves and up in trees and toss a rock at targets in the distance.

Of course they had to make sure they had enough ammunition to win. There is nothing worse than angering a wild animal with a couple of rocks and finding none in your pocket as the animal locks its radar on you. I bet there was a caveman or two that could run the mile in under 5 minutes. All it takes is the right kind of motivation.

For more power our ancestors invented slingshots and catapults to help them toss the rocks even further. Sharpening the ends of sticks into points turned them into spears and crude knives. Flint and other rocks were made into tips for the spears and some rocks were shaped and used for axes, scraping blades and knives.

Bows and arrows were a very useful early weapon for long ago man.  There must have been some proud moments when these were first used to bring food home to eat. These would also have made better weapons for protection because they could be used at greater distances.

Later weapons included swords and knives that were made with metal blades. Catapults were also built that would launch hundreds of spears against the enemy. Battering rams were huge logs cut from trees. These were so heavy that many men would be needed to lift and use them. They were very handy to knock down walls and doors when soldiers did not feel it necessary to be polite.  




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