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Interesting Homes

Inside an igloo 

Inside an igloo

Humans need to be protected from sun, wind, rain, and cold. This is why people have always had to have some kind of shelter. Homes have changed through the years but there are still many different types of human homes around the world.

Early people may have slept outside in warm weather and used trees and bushes for cover when there was a little rain. Sometimes they would build little huts from sticks, branches, and leaves. When there were big storms or when the weather was cold, they would use caves for their homes.

Humans learned to use stones and logs to cover the entrance of caves to keep out wind and some of the coldest weather. They would use leaves, branches, and animal skins inside the caves to add more protection from the cold.

In Chile, the earliest human homes were made of wood. Then the wood was covered with the skins of animals. Some of the remains of these houses were discovered by scientists. These shelters are the earliest man made houses known in both North and South America.

Homes must be designed to work in the climate where they are built. If people live in hot climates then they try to keep their homes cool with large open windows and doors. If a home is built in a colder part of the world, it is important to make the home airtight so it stays warm. Homes were built using whatever was available such as stones, wood, mud, and straw. 

The Greeks of ancient times used mud bricks that were baked in the sun to build their homes.  The house would have a stone foundation and a tile roof made from pieces of pottery. There was an open courtyard in the middle of the home that helped cool the rooms.

Between 1000 and 1500, there were many castles that were being built all across Europe. There were many people living in castles in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. The big castles were built by wealthy landowners and members of royalty.
In the Andes where the Incas once lived, the homes were made from enormous granite blocks that they had to cut and chisel from the mountains. The people would stack these thick stones together to create warm homes with walls that were thick enough to keep out the cold.

The Iroquois tribes who lived in North America built homes known as longhouses. Many families lived in each longhouse. These homes had roofs that were shaped like big barrels and were made with wooden frames covered with bark.
Teepees/Wigwams were portable homes that some Native Americans would set up and take down whenever needed. The wigwam was made from poles and had a covering made from animal skins.

Native people called Inuit use igloos to survive in the harsh cold of their northern lands. Snowhouses is another name for igloos. These buildings are made of blocks of tightly packed snow and the entrance must be dug into the snow so that it is lower than the igloo. This helps this home stay warm by creating a cold trap. Warm stones and body heat also help keep the inside temperature comfortable.

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