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The Life and Work of Leonardo da Vinci for Kids

the Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci is known to most people as the most famous painter in history. While he certainly did achieve much fame for his painting work, he also achieved greatness in many other areas. He was a brilliant sculptor, architect, mathematician, writer, and even a musician. So great was his work that it is still studied well into modern times. That is why students of history should look at his life's work for inspiration. 

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Italy. He was a major figure in the Italian Renaissance and is, perhaps, the person that the term Renaissance Man is named after. This term refers to someone that has well rounded skills in various areas and disciplines of education and performance. In many ways, his actions and life's study and performance can be considered a great inspiration to all to this very day because he is a figure that shows what can be achieved through developing much knowledge in different disciplines.

Most of all, Leonardo da Vinci was not someone that merely studied and memorized what he learned. He was innovative his education and built upon it. That is why a great many of his inventions had great impact in the development of many things that we take for granted in the modern era. Did you know that da Vinci originally developed plans for a submarine? His plans were not workable but they set the foundation for those powerful undersea vessels we have today.

While da Vinci was an intelligent man, he did not become such a renowned painter and inventor overnight. He spent many years studying his education formally and was also an apprentice to other painters and inventors for many years. In time, he developed his own unique skills and was able to put them to use in his own innovative ways.

Once again, da Vinci's greatest claims to fame were his work as a painter. Two of his popular works are the Mona Lisa (above) and The Last Supper. These are two of the most famous painting in history and remain known to people all throughout the world even after many centuries have passed since they were finished. Da Vinci also created a work known as the Creation of Adam which is considered a brilliant work that is common reproduced in modern churches all throughout the world. The Vitruvian Man was a famous drawing he produced which seems to have origins as a guide for those interested in medicine. However, the popular work has become ‘pop art' over the ages and is used in many science-fiction images.

Sadly, much of da Vinci's work has been lost or destroyed over time. This same fate has befallen his ledgers and notes. So, there may have been even greater works of art da Vinci produced that have become lost to time and history. Then again, who knows? The works may end up being discovered somewhere at some time in the future. We can always hope!

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