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Outdoor Play Activity

Outdoor Play that all Kids Will Love

The great outdoors holds a treasure trove of activities and adventures for kids and parents. No matter what the season there are always great ideas that get the thumbs up sign from kids. Here are some good ways to make sure that outdoor fun is never far away.

Tree climbing is one of childhood’s great adventures and having a tree house outside is always a great way to provide fun for children. You can help your children construct their own home in a tree, or place a climbing structure in the yard that has a great house already attached. The kids will be sure to welcome you to share their fun if you are willing to tackle the climb.

Balloons inspire all types of imaginative games and they are very inexpensive ways to have fun. You can tie balloons to a child’s wrists or belt with a small piece of string or ribbon and the object is to see who can tag the bouncing balloon as the child runs. Having the balloon attached loosely will prevent any mishaps if the balloon is grabbed instead of being tagged. Substituting balloons for balls used in tennis, volleyball, or badminton is also great fun, and will keep kids scurrying about for hours.

Even walking outside can take on new fun when you add a new twist, like scavenger hunt, to the activity. Give everyone in the family a list of small items to find and have a small treat available for the winner. The list can include leaves of different types or colours, acorns, or flowers.  Children love this type of searching activity, because it seems to them to be a treasure hunt.

Follow the leader is another fun idea to use in the great outdoors, and always let each person in the group be the leader for at least a short while. You can make the leader responsible for pointing out one or two unusual items to the rest of the group. These items can be a bird’s nest, a squirrel, an unusual cloud or a unique plant or tree.

Having a physically fit contest outdoors is another wonderful activity that will please children. You can have contests that involve all types of skills and movement. Create rows of empty milk or juice cartons and try to bowl them down with lightweight plastic balls, or create a gun game of dodge ball with a mixture of balloons or vinyl balls. 

Trampolines are also wonderful places to show off physical skills and kids love the chance to jump, flip, and bounce on a garden trampoline of their own. 

Talk to your children and find out which of these outdoor games and activities seem to appeal the most to them and then you can plan your next outdoor adventure accordingly.

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