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Fun Facts About Saturn for Children 

Saturn taken by Voyager I in 1980

Of all the planets in our solar system, Saturn is possibly the most interesting. It's certainly unique! Many astronomers have said that seeing Saturn through a telescope for the first time was the moment they became fascinated with the subject. You've probably seen Saturn yourself but never realized it as it's one of the few planets visible with the naked eye (you can only see it's famous rings through a telescope though!). When Saturn is high in the sky it looks like a very bright star.

  • Saturn is named after the Roman god of agriculture.
  • Saturn is made up of materials which are lighter than water. If it were placed in water Saturn would float just like an ice cube!
  • Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system (the biggest is Jupiter).
  • Earth could fit into Saturn more than 700 times!
  • It is ten times further from the Sun than our Earth.
  • One Saturn year is nearly 30 Earth years (one "year" is the time taken to orbit the Sun). 
  • One Saturn day is only 10 hours and 39 minutes long (one "day" is a full rotation of the planet).  
  • Saturn's east winds blow at some 1,100 miles per hour, making it the windiest planet in our solar system.  
  • Saturn is thought to have up to 60 moons.
  • Titan is the largest of these moons, and is bigger than Mercury and Pluto!

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