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The Many Many Modes of Transport


Off the top of your head how many modes of transport can you name? Write down as many as you can, then check out the list below (no cheating!!) and see how many you got!


Starting with the easy ones first...


Human Foot






Did you get them? Now let’s try these...











That was still kind of easy so now let’s try the REALLY hard ones...


Horse & Cart

Euro Star

Hot Air Balloon









Fighter Jet


Speed Boat

Steam Train


Okay so you might know a few! Could you imagine what it would be like if there was no other way to get around but by using your feet? Not only would you wear out a lot of shoes but it would take you a long time to get anywhere.


So really you need to thank a few people for saving your poor shoes, like the person who invented the wheel! But that’s just a wheel; did you know that the earliest boats were dugout canoes? People lit a fire on a big log then put it out and dug out the burned wood!


Then there were the Egyptians, who invented the sailing boat, but this could only be used in one direction, if the wind was blowing in another direction then they would have to row the boat, (sounds like more hard work to me!)


A while later the clever Romans came along and made their famous network of roads across the Empire, they never made them with cars in mind for that was still a long way off the legionaries (soldiers) built them so the Roman army could march from one part of the empire to another quickly! The Roman also improved the boats and built Lighthouses to help ships know the dangerous coastlines.


The roads did not last for too long they soon became dirt tracks that people travelled on by wagon, but most things (coal, goods) would be taken by sea in the 16th century, by the 17th century the Royal Mail started and there were also Turnpike roads opened you had to pay to use them, the money was used to maintain the roads.


Mid 19th century some of the modes of transport that you know today where invented the bike and the car, travel was really revolutionised by railways, the first underground railway in Britain was built in London.


As it got easier to travel, people wanted to get to places faster in 1919 normal people took to the sky, you could go on a aeroplanes (the only people who every flew beforehand were men at war!) the hovercraft was launched in 1959 and by the 1970s the majority of families owned a car this was also around the time the first 'Jumbo jet' was introduced and more recently the Channel Tunnel opened in 1994...


I bet knowing that made your feet a lot easier!

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