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Keep your baby safe from the harmful effects of the sun with a great range of kids sun protection outfits and children's UV sun protection clothes plus a variety of useful UV protective products - all available to buy at The Kids Window UK online store. We have a great range of baby sun protection wear from the leading UK, European and Australian brands, all specialising in sun protection wear for babies and children. Available in a wide choice of colours and designs, we've sun suits, two piece sets, sun tops and matching accessories.  Helping keep your child's skin from burning in the hot summer sun is difficult - their skin is so sensitive that it hardly takes any time at all to become damaged.  That's why it's important to play it safe in the sun with a great range of sun protection.

There are many ways to keep a young child's delicate skin protected from the sun.  Covering up is the most obvious - just by making sure that the arms and legs are completely covered by a UV resistant material, you can be sure that your child's skin won't burn.  A wide-brimmed kid's sun hat will keep the face well protected too.  The next step is to keep all the exposed skin covered in a high factor UV resistant sunscreen or sun cream - at least SPF 15.  And don't forget a good pair of wrap around sunglasses too - the eyes need protection as well.  For more information, take a look at the Cancer Research UK pages about protecting children from the sun.

We offer garments both with and without a cotton mix, all designed to give the recommended body coverage and approved to AS/NZS 4399:1996.  Look too for BabyBanz baby sunglasses and our range of sun protection products for babies and children of all ages, including kids sun protection swimwear, pushchair shades and beach tents.

Protecting your baby from over-exposure to the sun

It's important to take measures to protect your baby's new and sensitive skin from over exposure to the sun. Sunlight contains potentially harmful ultraviolet light that can cause both short and long term damage. It doesn't take long for a child's skin to become over exposed, and even on cloudy days parents need to be conscious of their child being out in the sun. Naturally, extra care and measures should be taken for fair-skinned babies, who have an even greater risk of sun damage. Sunburn can not only cause your baby great pain and discomfort, but it's known that a single severe bout of sunburn during childhood can actually lead to the development of skin cancer in their later life.

The two basic forms of sun protection are the application of sun cream products, and the wearing of sun protection garments. The minimum should be a good covering with sun cream plus a suitable hat. Only a wide brimmed hat or legionairres style hat provides the sufficient area of coverage. Tops and t-shirts are also recommended, particularly long-sleeved tops and shorts that offer protection to the knees. Approval sun protection clothing is even better, as it provides a high level of protection from the sun and is more comfortable to wear, dry or wet.  Whilst out and about in push chairs a parasol or sun shade is also recommended. Some push chairs come supplied with parasols, and should be used wherever possible. Alternatives available separately include sun shades that clip over the back of the push chair or mesh nets that fit in a similar way to rain covers.   

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