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The fantastic selection of Baby Banz and Kidz Banz sunglasses are perfect for giving children and babies' eyes superb (UV 400) sun protection that's both fashionable and fun, while keeping baby and kids eyes safe. It's always important to keep children well protected from the harsh effects of the summer sun; their skin is so very delicate.  But their eyes need adequate protection too!  Babybanz have solved the problem of ill-fitting conventional sunglasses by securing the frame to the child's head with a soft, adjustable neoprene strap. All of their glasses have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, and most importantly, they're BS EN 1836-1997 and CE compliant, providing 100% UV protection. We have the complete range of Baby Banz for babies up to two years old and KidzBanz for children up to 5 years.

But don't just rely on sunglasses to keep you child safe from the sun - remember to cover up the rest of the too.  You should try and keep children and babies completely covered with loose fitting clothing to help prevent their delicate skin from burning, along with a wide brimmed sun hat to protect their head and face.  Exposes skin should be protected using a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, reapplied regularly.  For more information, why not look at the Cancer Research UK pages on children's sun protection.

Other kid's sunglasses brands are also available inside including Squids floating kids sunglasses, plus baby sunsuits, children's sunsuits and UV swimwear, other speciality childrens UV protection clothes and a range of sun protection products for children. 

BabyBanz and KidzBanz Sunglasses

Exposure to the sun's UV radiation can lead to serious damage, and children's eyes are far more sensitive than adults. Studies show that the earlier children start to wear sunglasses the better, but making children - especially infants - wear sunglasses has always been a problem. Now Baby Banz have solved the problem of ill-fitting sunglasses by securing the frame onto the child's head via an adjustable soft strap. BabyBanz are specially designed for babies up to three years, with the KidzBanz range for older children up to five.


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