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Children's wetsuits in baby, toddler, teenager and younger child sizes for boys and girls, including sleeveless, shorty and full length versions

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If you're looking for a child's wetsuit for a boy, girl or baby then browse inside our online UK shop. 
Here you can buy children's wetsuits in a choice of wet suit styles, all available in a wide variety of colours. We have cut off 'Shorty' style wet suits for children of all ages, plus full length kids' wetsuits for those looking for added warmth. All styles are available in wetsuit sizes 00 to 8 (suitable for boys and girls aged between 1 and 14). Besides wetsuits, we have childrens swimwear, sun protective swim wear swimming aids and more. 

Boy's wetsuits

We've some great looking wetsuits for boys of all ages. Designs come in trendy camo greens and browns as well as blues, stylish grey/black combinations and smart reds. They'll love the funky skull designs too. You can choose a rash vest to go under the wet suit, helping to keep them comfortable when in and out of the water, with the added benefit of providing protection from the sun when they take the suit off.

Girl's wetsuits

Look out for a great dolphin design among the wetsuits for girls, and of course you'll find a variety of different wet suits in pretty pinks and lilacs as well as bright yellows and orange. Trendy camo designs are also available for girls. You can shop inside for a swimming wrap, swimsuit or sun hat for when they're out of the water and playing on the beach or poolside. 

Baby & Toddler Wetsuits

Buy a baby wetsuit for an infant or toddler here from specialist brands. Some offer both babywrap style wet suits and one piece sleeveless suits for toddlers designed to take on an off easily and with the minimum of fuss. Two piece suits are also available for a young child in a variety of colours. Made from pliable neoprene some baby wet suits are designed to wrap around and fasten via velcro strips and help to insulate the body and keep the infant warm and comfortable. 

More about our kids wetsuits

There are lots of childrens wet suits and speciality childrens swimming items available inside. Getting ever more popular, kids wetsuits help to keep children warm when swimming in the sea - wherever and whever that may be! The popular 'Shorty' style wet suits are great for children swimming, diving and snorkling in warm oceans and pools. Full length childrens wetsuits are also available for those seeking greater warmth, perhaps swimming in UK waters or diving and snorkeling for long periods. Baby wetsuits and toddler wetsuits are especially useful, given that younger children can not tell us when they're just too cold to keep swimming ! Hand made in the UK by a specialist wet suits manufacturer, our wetsuits offer a quality and styling second to none. Other speciality swimming lines include UV sun protective swim wear and other childrens UV sun protective clothes, swimming aids and jackets, BabyBanz Sunglasses  and more. Our children's swimwear includes designer brands such as Mitty James. Check out our range of children's wetsuits inside - we think you'll be surprised at how affordable they are!

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Children's Swimwear
Baby and childrens UV sun protection clothes, swim suits, wet suits, float suits, swimming aids, swim jackets and more


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