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Full Size High Sleeper Loft Beds for Adults & Teens

Buy Sturdy Full Size Wood and Metal Loft Beds and High Sleeper Beds Online from Leading Brands

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Top brand loft beds at low prices

Many of the high sleepers and loft beds available inside are full size beds designed and constructed for adults and teenagers.
These solidly built high sleepers are ideal for studio apartments or where floor space is limited, or in regular sized rooms where the extra floor space that a loft bed provides can be put to good use. You can choose a high sleeper loft bed in solid wood, including pine and antique pine, a variety of colours, or in metal. Order inside our online store and we'll deliver to addresses throughout the UK. Models available include those with a sofa or sofa bed below the raised bed, or choose a raised bed with a wardrobe or other storage furniture below. For those looking for a place to work or study our loft beds with build-in desks are ideal, and we've a variety of different models to choose from. You may also wish to browse our range of full size mid sleeper beds  and cabin beds as many of these models are suitable for adults and teenagers too.


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