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Bedside cots and dropside co sleeping cribs offer a variety of benefits over conventional stand-alone models.  These dropside cot beds allow baby to safely co sleep by the bedside with the mother or father with none of the risks usually associated with bed sharing, giving parents a more relaxed and confident night's sleep. Having the newborn at arm’s reach is perfect for providing those  reassuring touches whenever baby stirs without the need to get out of bed. As baby is so close, these drop side cots are very convenient for feeding the child during the night. The closeness between the parents and baby also helps reduce the risk of cot death. We have the Cosatto Close to Me bedside cot and Bed Nest co sleeping cribs available to buy inside for delivery throughout the UK. We've also a selection of other baby cots and cribs plus baby hammocks from specialist manufacturers and other furniture for babies.  

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A co sleeper bedside cot or crib is ideal for nursing mothers too. Many new mums are understandably right to resist the temptation of keeping their nursing baby in the bed with them, due to the risk of suffocation as well as them getting caught up in the bedding and risk of falling off.  With co sleepers and bedside cots the baby can brought to the breast for nursing with easy and convenience, and then simply and gently laid back into the safety of their own cot or crib. All this can be done without mum having to get out of bed to pick up or lay the baby back down to sleep. Check here for more on the benefits of co sleeping with bedside cots and co sleeping cribs.

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