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Top brand kids bunk beds at low prices

Save on the biggest and best brand bunk beds with stairs for boys and girls for sale inside our online UK children's department store, including bunk beds with mattresses. We've a wide range from top UK and European bunkbed manufacturers at the best discount prices. Choose metal bunk beds or wooden bunks painted in white or other colours, or opt for a smart natural wooden finish including pine or beech.  Bunkbeds are ideal for a child of any age, and particularly useful in small or unusually shaped children's bedrooms where floor space is limited or perhaps in a good sized room where you simply want to maximize what floorspace you have for play, study or living area. That's the original ideal behind the invention of the bunk bed as it allows you to get two beds with stairs in the same floor space as a regular single bed. But they're not just ideal for limited space - they're great fun for young children too and we've models with a colourful play tent and slide that young children love. Baby cot bunks are also available for baby nursery rooms. For older kids and adults we've also have hard-to-find bunks including triple bunk beds and three sleepers or sofa bed / futon bunk beds that offer extra sleeping space.  

We've also cabin beds suitable for toddler to teens, including models designed specifically for boys and girls, some high sleepers for older kids rooms or adult studios, and a wide selection of loft beds and fully flexible combination midsleepers that come with tents, slides, desks, drawers, shelves, sofa beds and wardrobes below the raised bed. All supplied with our "no quibble" money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.  Look  too for children's beds from top brand names including Thuka Trendy bunk beds, Joseph, Sweet Dreams kids beds, Verona, Parisot bunk beds, Airsprung and children's silentnight beds, plus lots and lots of other children's bedroom furniture

Choosing The Right Bunk Bed for You 

There is something particularly useful about a bunk bed, whether for children or grown-ups. Kids can have fun climbing to the top bunk, having sleepovers or sharing with siblings, and for adults they can be a valuable, space saving sleeping option for all sorts of situations. Today, furniture designing has moved far beyond simply stacking one bed on top of another, and there are a wide variety of bunks available to create a space efficient sleeping option that's perfect for your particular requirements. They come in all sorts of colours and finishes too, helping to tone in and compliment your bedroom decor.

A Toddler Bunk
This small size toddler bunk bed is specially sized for juniors, being about sixteen inches shorter and slightly narrower than a standard twin sized bed. It's particularly good for smaller children in rooms with limited space. The bottom bunk usually has the removeable safety rails so that it can be converted to a seating area if required. Some models are available with colourful themed play tents to add to the fun.

The L Shape Bunkbed
This bed has a high sleeper with a lower stand-alone bed placed in at right angles in an "L" formation. This leaves lots of room below the top bed to fit accessories, such as a bookcase, chest of drawers, a wardrobe or perhaps a study corner desk. They are particularly suited for older kids and adults as there is less feeling of restriction by being enclosed within the traditional bottom bunking portion.

Tented Bunk Bed
Great for younger children, these offer a useful play area during the day. Tents of varying colour and themes are available that hang between the beds, converting it into an imaginary castle, pirate ship, shop, fairy castle or other wonderful play theme idea.  

Three Sleeper Bunks
There are two options for a three sleeper bed. You can look for a bunk that offers a single bed at the top but with a double sized bed below, suitable for two or as a specially large bed for one. Alternatively, when three children share a room regularly or from time to time, a standard-style bunk with a pull out trundle bed can quickly convert a room that is spacious enough for day-time playing into comfortable sleeping quarters for the whole crew. 

Cot Bunk Bed
You can even now buy a unique cot bunk bed suitable for babies, toddlers and young kids up to 6 years. These novel cot bunks can be set up as either a double cot, a double toddler bunk or with a baby cot on one level and a toddler bunk on the other.     

In addition to children's bunk beds and cabin bunk beds we've many other kids bedroom furniture lines too, plus hundreds of other product sets for children and babies. Click on the links below to find out about some of range of products for children, or click here to go to our shopping section now.

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