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The outdoor toys available inside offer toddlers and children some extra ways to find fun things to do in the garden! Outdoor toys for toddlers include rocking toys and come in a variety of designs, including cars and animals. Garden toys for older kids include a wide selection of top brand pedal toys. Children will love racing round the garden in a metal jalopy, stainless steel racing car or high-impact plastic dumper truck. Garden diggers are also available and proving to be just as popular with the girls as boys ! We also sell childrens sports equipment and outdoor games and garden games for the family from specialist UK suppliers. Look too for a range of bouncy castles, round trampolines, outdoor play equipment and garden swings and slides that kids of all ages will love. For a special treat, take a close look at our range of high quality wooden climbing frames that will provide years of energetic fun for children of all ages.

Here is just a small selection of garden toys available inside:

Rolly Toys - Geared Pedal Toy Tractor
£225.00 (UK only)

Geared, Superior and Bigger model suitable for children up to 10 years. The "X-Trac" pedal tractor has two gears and a break for a faster ride. It features a bonnet that can open, a covered integr...
Rolly Toys - Carabella Scooter With Pneumatic Tyres & Bottle
£145.49 (UK only)

Top quality pink girl's scooter from Rolly Toys. Features pneumatic wheels/inflatable tyres for a comfy ride, stand, brake and drinks bottle. Suitable for children 3y plus. Adjustable handle as ...
Rolly Toys - John Deere mobile 360 degree excavator
£80.29 (UK only)

John Deere Mobile Digger Excavator. European manufactured high quality and durable ride on toy. Great for all little construction workers! They'll love digging and excavating all year round - di...
Rolly Toys - CAT 360 degree wheeled excavator
£80.29 (UK only)
  1 review

Caterpillar Mobile Digger Excavator. (3-5y). European manufactured, high quality and durable ride on toy. Great for all little construction workers! They'll love digging and excavating all year ro...
Rolly Toys - Childrens Scooter
£145.49 (UK only)

Top quality scooter from Rolly Toys. Features pneumatic wheels/inflatable tyres for a comfy ride, stand, brake and drinks bottle. Suitable for children 3y plus. Adjustable handle as child grows....
Rolly Toys - Trento trike with adjustable seat push bar
£161.89 (UK only)

Top quality trike from Rolly Toys. Features pneumatic wheels/inflatable tyres for a comfy ride. Either a freewheel option or push-along via the push bars provided. Adjustable seat and handle bar as c...
Rolly Toys - Childrens Digger Toy
£77.39 (UK only)

(3-7y). Fun mobile excavator with stand. European manufactured, high quality and durable ride on toy. Great for all little construction workers! They'll love digging and excavating all year round ...
Kids Avenue Outdoor - Climbing Frame with 2 Swings and Slide
£269.00 (UK only)

This superior quality wooden swing set includes a climbing frame and platform, plus two swings and a slide. Offering lots of energetic fun in the garden, this swing set is built to last and rig...
Kids Avenue Outdoor - Climbing Frame and 2 Swings
£225.00 (UK only)

This quality wooden swing set includes a climbing frame and platform, plus two swings. Offering lots of energetic fun in the garden, this swing set is built to last and solidly constructed from ...
Action Climbing Frames - Lancelot Triple Swing with Slide
£381.63 (UK only)

This deluxe swing set includes a fun slide to play on too. With space for three swing mountings, this set includes two standard green swing seats and a two person metal glider swing.


Action Climbing Frames - Percival Swing Frame with Slide
£310.27 (UK only)

A double swing frame with integrated slide, the Percival is a good activity centre for younger children and families on a budget, while still keeping to the high quality of all Action climbing f...
Action Climbing Frames - Galahad Triple Swing Frame
£238.92 (UK only)

The Galahad swing frame as a good mix of different swing types, secured to a strong timber frame. Including two plastic standard seats and a metal two-seater glider swing, it's a great addition ...
Action Climbing Frames - York Climbing Frame
£984.87 (UK only)

The York activity centre is full of fun things to do. It appeals especially to younger children, who will appreciate its multiple platforms, relatively low height, ease of access and variety of ...
Action Climbing Frames - Gate Lodge without Swingarm
£1,649.73 (UK only)

Identical to the largest of the Action Outdoor Toys Play Centres, the Gate Lodge, this version saves space by coming without the swingarm. Even so, it's still an amazing climbing frame, designed...
Action Climbing Frames - Monmouth Monkey Play Centre
£835.68 (UK only)

An action packed play centre for the swingingest of ape-kids, the Monmouth Monkey is the perfect compact climbing frame for kids who like to climb. There's a climbing wall and a ladder to get to...
Action Climbing Frames - Glastonbury Twin Towers
£1,215.14 (UK only)

Perfect for younger children, the Glastonbury Twin has a host of features to play in all summer long. The 1.2m platforms are reached up a wide stair case, and while you're up there you can hide ...
Action Climbing Frames - Arundel Twin Compact Play Centre
£945.95 (UK only)

The new Arundel Twin Compact provides the same play possibilities as the Arundel Twin with a much smaller footprint. With two towers linked by a clatter bridge, a double swing arm, a 3m wave sli...
Action Climbing Frames - Arundel Twin w/out Swing Arm
£1,036.76 (UK only)

This version of the Arundel Twin Tower playcentre lacks the swing arm of its bigger cousin - but it still packs in the fun for children! It features sandpit, 3m wave slide, a climbing net and a ...
Action Climbing Frames - Arundel Indianna Twin Play Centre
£1,096.22 (UK only)

Multi-function play centre. The Arundel Indianna Twin adds a fun rope bridge to the standard Arundel climbing frame - making for some exciting crossings! There's also a swing arm with two pine s...
Action Climbing Frames - Glastonbury Tower with Swing Set
£499.46 (UK only)

Ideal for the smaller garden, a compact climbing frame that still packs in a lot of fun! Features a heavy-duty 2.4m slide and a pair of pine wood swings on a swing beam. The tower has built-in w...
Garden Games - Children's Tree Swing
£26.99 (UK only)
  4 reviews

This quality children's tree swing is designed to attach to the branch of any tree (providing the branch is strong enough!!). It has a pine wooden seat and two 3m/10ft long polyhemp ropes with...
Action Climbing Frames - Arundel Twin Towers Play Centre
£1,166.49 (UK only)

Multi-function playcentre. The Arundel Twin Towers offers loads of FUN for a fantastic price. Its flexible layout allows it to fit into a long narrow garden or form a more compact U shaped desig...
Action Climbing Frames - Glastonbury Tower Play Centre
£624.87 (UK only)

Multi-function playcentre. Features a heavy-duty 2.5m slide, monkey bars, climbing net that can offer the challenge of climbing whilst doubling as a soccer goal for buddng young players. The tow...
Action Climbing Frames - Swing, Slide & Commando Climbing Net
£606.49 (UK only)

With many fun outdoor activities all crammed into this compact space, now almost any child can enjoy adventurous playtime in the sun. The roofed platform is accessed up a commando net on one ...
Action Climbing Frames - Family Play Centre Climbing Frame, Slide, Nets
£810.81 (UK only)
  1 review

This single tower outdoor activity centre for kids has everything that they'll ever need to keep them fit and active in the garden - while having the time of their lives too! The Monmouth fro...
Action Climbing Frames - Gate Lodge Garden Wendy House/Fort & Play System
£1,779.46 (UK only)
  1 review

The largest of the Action Outdoor Toys Play Centres, the Gate Lodge was designed to be a combined activity centre for younger children as well as a Wendy house, a fort or a sleeping den for when...
Action Climbing Frames - Deluxe Wooden Garden See Saw
£99.67 (UK only)

Garden see-saws have always been great fun for kids, and here's a top quality wooden seesaw designed to offer many years of use. The main beam is 3m (118”) long and 9cm x 9cm (3.6”) square, pivoti...
Garden Games - Garden Games Pink Love
£47.69 (UK only)
  1 review

Not so much Wild West as Wild pink. This great Wigwam can either used indoors or outside in your garden, simply bring all the teddies in and some pillows and you have a teddy bear tea party i...
Garden Games - Kids Garden Big 4 Game
£75.79 (UK only)

Jumbo 4 is produced to the same brilliant design as the popular Big 4, but on a smaller scale. The frame is still of wooden construction and comes complete with a full set of solid plastic disks...
Garden Games - Giant Pick Up Sticks
£25.39 (UK only)

A giant set of pick up sticks, ideal for playing in the garden. This set of sticks contains 30 multicoloured sticks of 90cm in length (3 feet), stored in a cardfboard tube. A fun way to test pat...
Garden Games - Giant Jenga Game
£66.19 (UK only)

The classic garden game of skill and cunning for people of all ages. Hi-Tower wooden outdoor garden Giant Jenga is a largest style version ideal for the whole family. Watch the tension buil...
Garden Games - Mega Hi Tower
£43.30 (UK only)

The Mega Hi-Tower has always been our smaller giant Jenga style game. The Tower starts to build form 0.9m tall and builds to a height of 1.5m making this a truly giant version of the Jenga table...
Garden Games - Giant Kerplunk
£56.29 (UK only)

Similar to the Kerplunk family table game, this fun garden game is a giant garden version designed to look like a castle turret. “Cannon balls” are suspended high up the turret supported by colou...
Garden Games - Giant Connect 4 Game
£171.00 (UK only)
  1 review

The official HASBRO Giant Connect 4. This game requires strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck. Players take it in turns to drop counters into the frame to try and form a line of 4 and at t...
Garden Games - Giant Connect Four
£122.09 (UK only)
  2 reviews

This new smart wooden game of Big 4 stands 1.2m tall x 1.2m wide. This giant version of the classic top game requires skill strategy and a sharp eye as you compete with your opponent to get 4 pla...
Garden Games - Giant Jenga
£59.29 (UK only)

A giant version of the popular family game. Build the tower, then take it in turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the whole tower tumble. A game of skill and cunning. The...
Garden Games - Giant Chess Set
£284.00 (UK only)

Standing 24in high (maximum height) this giant outdoor garden chess set makes a stunning garden feature and an absorbing pastime, as well as being a great way for young children to learn ho...
Garden Games - Giant Garden Chess
£42.09 (UK only)

(10in high max pieces). This big outdoor garden chess pieces and board mat make a great feature for the garden or conservatory, and is ideal for playrooms too. An absorbing way to play and learn t...
Garden Games - Quoits
£16.10 (UK only)

A classic quoits game of skill and accuracy for all the family to enjoy. Simply throw the rings onto the pegs to score. Contains five hardwood screw in pegs, painted red and green base and four re...
Garden Games - Boules Sets
£33.49 (UK only)

Boules or Petanque, this game is a favourite of the French and is a perfect family game that can be played by children and adults. Place the jack and then compete to get your Boules as close as po...
Garden Games - Garden Skittles Game
£34.29 (UK only)

These hardwood Wooden Skittles are beautifully polished to give a quality finish. Test your accuracy to the limit and try to knock all the pins down in one. The garden skittles game set contai...
Garden Games - Childrens Sandpit
£65.79 (UK only)
  1 review

Large 1.5m wide hexagonal sandpit for great garden fun. Sold complete with weatherproof cover. Geo-textile underlay. (sand not included). Measurements: Width of internal pit measures 130cm, and 28...
Garden Games - Childrens Native American Playtent
£48.19 (UK only)
  21 reviews

Mighty American Indian warriors all need a place to call home - so why not get them their very own Wigwam? Whether you use it for role playing, fun and games or just as a great little den, this...
SandPlay - Sandpit Moat Set
£8.98 (UK only)

Fun play moat and boats set. Great for toddlers and young children, this plastic moat set adds an extra play element to any sandpit, beach or garden. Measuring some 20 inches in width, this ci...
Action Climbing Frames - Garden Sandpit for Toddlers
£85.09 (UK only)

Deluxe 1.2m square sandpit. Designed for easy access whilst maintaining the interior free from leaves and animal visits. The wooden protective cover folds out to provide two sturdy wooden bench ...
Pool Toys - Sling N Splash Waterbomb Slingshot
£8.36 (UK only)

For long distance waterbombing attacks nothing beats the safe and fun Sling n Splash slingshot. Perfect for hours of family fun, comes complete with four soft splash bombs....
Smoby Toys - Winnie the Pooh Hut & Swing Playset
£396.00 (UK only)

3 years + This lovely Disney's Winnie the Pooh garden playcentre is great fun for younger kids to play outside. The pretty cottage hut features a 70 cm short slide for whooshing down ...

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