Children's High Visibility Clothing

Children's High Visibility Clothing

Buy high visibility children's clothes, including high visibility jackets, reflective hi-viz vests and other luminous and high visibility clothes for children of all ages

Looking for a child's high visibility jacket, reflective vest or glow in the dark hi-viz clothing? We've a range of luminous jackets, hi-viz tops and other high visibility clothing for children of all ages inside. We've a choice of UK brands specialising in hi-viz clothing for children available to buy inside our online baby and children's department store.  Our high visibility clothes come in sizes suitable for toddlers and children up to teens and beyond. Ideal for use in the dark winter months, we've hi-viz jackets, trousers, hats and gloves that are waterproof and suitable for wet and dry conditions. Buy a child's high visibility vest to help keep them seen when walking to and from school, when riding their bike, sailing or any other times when they're walking near traffic or just need to be seen. We've also high visibility reflective jackets and tops specially designed for girls into horse riding. Look too for kids rainproof clothing from top children's rainwear brands. For these and other specialty clothing or children check inside our online store now.   

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More on our high visibility vests for children

We've a number of specialist hi-viz clothing for children inside, including the Safe & Seen Hi Visibility Jacket. Let your child be seen night and day in this high visibility vest jacket. It's waterproof and fine for use in all weathers. Ideal when out walking, cycling, horseriding or other outdoor activity where they need to be seen. It's made from a polyester knit that is up to 250% more reflective than glass bead reflectors, and it's machine washable. A bright fluorescent yellow jacket fitted with reflective strips on the front and back from "Reflexite", the world's leading manufacturer of high visibility, reflective products. Features include a waistcoat style design with drop back, adjustable front closure and Reflexite stripes front and back. We've also a speciality high visibility top for girls from Rockfish Riders. Unique to Rockfish, this safety top is a first for the equestrian world - replace your old tabard with this ! The research and development for the "coolskyn" (TM) provides intelligent fabric in a classic polo style T. In fluorescent yellow. 100% polyester pique knit "Brightskyn" short sleeve fitted poloshirt. Retro reflective piping to side seams. Brightskyn is a wicking/breathable fabric that will keep the wearer dry, cool and comfortable. High visibility fluorescent yellow. For these kids hi-viz vest jackets and other reflective clothing for children take a look inside our online store now.

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