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The Life of Albert Einstein for Children

If you have failed to impress your teachers, and you don’t seem to be interested in any school subject, tell your parents that you are just another Einstein.


Then let them know that you really do have a lot in common with this world famous genius. While many people tend to remember him as an absent-minded professor, you are going to discover the secret life of Einstein.

The Early Years


Einstein was born on March 26th, 1876 in Germany to parents who had no interest in maths and science. Albert did not impress anyone in a favourable way when he was young.


He was a thief and would steal all types of things, including books and pencils (it’s not like the Wii or mobile phones were around!)


He did not speak clearly until he was 12 and his parents and teachers both thought that he was very slow and unable to learn.


Instead of standing out in school for making good marks, his classmates and teachers recalled that he would eat all of their paste. They also remember that he constantly smelled like sour pickles and peanut butter. Einstein wore dirty, wrinkled clothing to school, teased other children, and made pig and dog noises in class.  Einstein brought live bats to school and turned them loose in the class as a prank. He knew that this would create quite a scene and disrupt the class.


Practical jokes were one of his favourite activities. One day he tossed a spitball (This is a baseball ball that has been changed by adding saliva, or some other substance around it) at the back of a classmate’s head and watched it land exactly on target. Einstein was 10 and the little spitball changed his life. He wanted to learn all about how spitball’s moved through the air.


For the next 6 years, he taught himself 2 types of calculus (maths).   Unfortunately, the young math wizard was forced to leave school because he brought a skunk into the class hidden in a lunchbox. This was bad enough but them he set the skunk free and danced a loud, wicked jig on top of a desk. He told the teacher he was trying to get the skunk upset so that it would spray everyone!!


On the Road


After he left school, Einstein roamed the country for 7 years. He learned how to play the violin and was given a place in the London Symphony Orchestra. Some say he was so talented that he could have become the finest musician in the world.


Einstein got bored easily and he began to play his violin when he was not supposed to. No one ever knew what he might play and sometimes he played the music backwards. Once again, he was asked to leave and never return!


His next stop was New York City in the United States, where he became one of the most successful comics in Vaudeville. The name given to him was “Fuzz Ball”, and one of his trademarks was sticking his tongue out at audiences.


One day they discovered that he had stolen dozens of things from the people that he worked with and hidden them in his room. Once again, he was asked to leave and never return.


Finally Einstein Settles Down


At the age of 30 he passed the entrance exams for college and went back to school.  After a short time, he moved back to Europe and worked at a Swiss patent office. He married and had 2 daughters but he was not happy because he wanted to become a great scientist.


He told many people that he planned to invent a way to travel through time and he wanted to create big explosions.


Einstein did not master time travel but he did help the government develop the Atom Bomb and accomplished his dream of making big explosions. He also proved The Theory of Relativity with the formula “E= mc2. Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.


After this honour, he referred to himself as the “Superstar of Science”. He continued to steal lab equipment, chalk and other items and hide them at his home and office. Einstein died in 1955 and is still remembered as one of the world’s great scientists. Who would have imagined that he led such an unusual double life?

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