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Riddles for Kids - Riddle Me This and I'll Riddle You That!

Riddles have been something that people have enjoyed for hundreds of years.
Once there were competitions to see who the cleverest people in the land were. This was determined by who could answer the most riddles. Here are some old and new riddles for you to try to answer. You can also see if your parents or friends can figure out the answer. Are you ready to begin?

Here are some old English riddles that were popular many years ago. Can you find the answer to any of these?

What is found over your head but under your hat?

(Your Hair)

A hole full or a forest full
But you cannot catch a bowl full.


I am purple, yellow, red, and green
The King cannot reach me and neither can the Queen.
I show my colours after the rain
And only when the sun comes out again

(A rainbow)

What flares up quickly and does some good
But a moment later, it’s just a small piece of wood?
(A match)

I am round like an apple
Flat as a chip
I have eyes
But I can’t see one bit

(A button)

Look at my face and you see somebody
Look at my back and you see nobody.

(A mirror)

First, you will see me in the grass, bright as a yellow sun
Then I change to dainty white and blow away…alas, my time is done.

(A Dandelion)

I love your dog and ride on his back
I travel for miles but don’t leave a track.

(A Flea)

I have a mouth but cannot eat.

(A River)

I have a face but cannot see.

(A Clock)

We have legs but cannot walk.



Here are more modern riddles for you to think about:

What is the best use for cowhide?

(To cover a cow)

What always goes to sleep with his shoes on?

(A horse)

What is as big as an elephant, looks like an elephant, but has no weight?

(The shadow of an elephant)

Railroad Crossing…Look out for Cars…
Can you spell that without any “R’s?”


What can honk without using a horn?

(A goose)

A boy fell from a 100 foot ladder but did not get hurt….why not?

(He fell from the bottom rung)

What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?

(A blackboard)

What starts with the letter E, ends with the letter E and contains only 1 letter?

(An envelope)

What is the best cure for dandruff?


You serve this but you never eat it…what is it?

(A tennis ball)

Billy can throw a ball as hard as he can and it always comes back to him. Nothing and no one touches the ball except Billy. Why does the ball come back?

(Billy is throwing the ball straight up in the air.)

If you throw a white rock into the Red Sea, what does it become?


What do you call someone who does not have all his fingers on one hand?

(Normal…no one has all their fingers on just one hand)

What do you call an old snowman?


Some of those were a bit difficult weren't they? How many did you get?

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