Personalized Gift Ideas for Children

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Personalized Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

Looking for a child's personalized gift? We've a big selection of personalized gifts for children, to give that extra special touch to your gift idea. We've personalized books and music DC's featuring the children's own name, mugs and plates, pictures and clothes, bags and towels, engraved gifts and many many more personalized gift ideas. You can add a name to just about anything! Some of our personalized products can even have a message written on them, ideal as a memento for achievements or special events. Both our personalised children's clothing and personalised baby clothes can even have your own slogan written across them!   Look too for a personalised children's book,  money box and other personalised gifts We also have a selection of personalized children's luggage for boys and girls of all ages.   


Children's Personalized gifts 

Personalized gifts available inside include a range of name in a frame hanging pictures including some special theme prints. Attractive, functional and educational, these personalized pictures are individually made to order. The persons name is written in full with colourful, vibrant and imaginative illustrations. The Dinosaur version has prehistoric dinosaurs, reptiles and animals. Features the persons name, dinosaur-themed illustrations for each letter with interesting and educational facts about the featured illustration. The origin and meaning of the name is written across the bottom. Upon completion, the artwork is framed in a handcrafted solid oak A3 frame (17" x 12") and individually boxed for delivery. Type the child's name required when adding to basket. There's also a special personalized painting service, allowing you have a name hand painted onto a picture. Add a child's name to an original piece of artwork for a personalized gift they'll look at every day! They're hand painted by the artist using water based paints, and our range includes those on a 25cm/10inch square quality Loxley canvas square. The chunky canvas frame can be hung directly onto a wall. For these and other great personalized child books and children's personalized gift ideas take a look inside out children's personalised good department now.  Look for some personalized childrens furniture  personalised Christmas gifts too.

Personalized Gifts for Children
Personalized gifts & clothes for baby and children, including personalised new baby and birthday gifts, CDs and art portraits


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