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Children's personalized books for babies, toddlers and young children are available to buy inside. Our personalized children's books are the ideal way to stimulate an interest in storybooks. We've both personalized children's story books that can be read by early readers, or read to by parents, and a number of baby personalized books too. From an early age children love to listen to stories, so what could be more exciting than starring in a story of their own? Our special children's personalized story books are not only personalised with the child's name, but also with other details such as age and hometown, as well as the names of friends and relatives who share in the adventure. Some can also include a special dedication from you. With many titles to choose from you are sure to find a story to suit your child, including traditional fairy tales, superheros, animals, Disney characters and many more. Look to for personalized baby christening gifts and other personalised children's gifts.  


Kid Personalized Story Books with Child's Own Name and Other Details:

Saronti - The Personalised Family Football Book with Photos
£12.36 (UK only)

The Family Football book is a thrilling end to end action packed match with your family team coming out on top. The Cup Final is 34 pages of a rhyming personalised story where both the ill...
Saronti - Children's Circus Outing Personalised Family Book
£12.36 (UK only)
  1 review

"The Circus Outing". This is a fantastically detailed personalised book featuring up to seven members of the family in one colourful storybook. It's 36 pages of a funny, rhyming personalised story...
Personalised Books - Ballerina Books
£10.00 (UK only)
  8 reviews

(2-8 years). This story is every little girl's dream of becoming a princess and a ballerina. Not only does she have a ball held in her honour but she dances with the Royal Dancers for the King ...
Personalised Books - Batman Book
£10.00 (UK only)
  3 reviews

(3-8 years). The star of this story helps Batman solve the case of the stolen robot. A fantastic story for any Batman fan. This book is personalised with the child's name, age, friends and relatives...
Personalised Books - Childrens Football Books
£10.00 (UK only)
  1 review

The star of this story gets to play in an important match for their favourite game after a player is sent off injured. A favourite team and favourite players get a mention in this story. This book i...
Personalised Books - Personalized Childrens Books
£10.00 (UK only)
  3 reviews

(3-8 years). This book is based on the well known fairy story. The child in this story helps the three little pigs get the better of the big bad wolf who is sent packing! The illustrations are abso...
Personalised Books - Personalized Childrens Books
£10.00 (UK only)
  5 reviews

(0-5 years). Mother Goose gets lost one day and your child helps her find her way home. Many nursery rhyme characters make a guest appearance in this story. This book is personalised with the child's...
Personalised Books - Personalized Child Book
£10.00 (UK only)
  2 reviews

(2-8 years). A fun story looking at all the different ideas children have about what they want to be when they grow up. This book is personalised with the child's name, age, hometown, friends and rel...
Signature Gifts - Most Amazing Animal Personalised Softback Book
£13.23 (UK only)

This amazing personalised book will take you on an “animal-tastic” journey around the world, where you’ll come across all kinds of creatures. And the best bit? YOUR CHILD will star...

Personalized Story Books 

Our childrens personalized books are suitable for both toddlers and young children. These kid's personalised story books offer tender heart warming stories involving your child and some family or friends that ensure they'll be interested in what happens next! The personalised books all have beautiful illustrations that alone would make these books very special, but when personalised they are instantly transformed into treasured keepsakes. With a wide selection of titles to choose from you are sure to find a story to suit your child.  These kids personalised storybooks range from traditional fairy tales, Disney stories, super heros stories and many more. Look out for some personalised Christmas storybooks too. All personlaised children's books feature hard backed wipeable covers. Check out our range of personalized childrens books inside. Look for some personalized baby money boxes, personalized child furniture  personalised children's Christmas gifts too.

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