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Children’s sun protective clothing and sunblock swim wear including UV protection sun hats and clothes in baby, infant and toddler sizes

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Buy children's sun protection clothes for babies and kids of all ages  - all inside our UK online shop, including children's UV sunblock, colourful swimwear, bright clothes, sun suits and sun hats. We have a huge range of top brand UV-proof clothing from some of the biggest and best known sun protective brands in the world. You can buy both child, toddler and baby sun protection clothes inside in a variety of styles, colours and designs. We've boys and girls UV sun protective swim wear and swimming costumes in both baby and kids sizes,  children's sun hats, child or baby sunglasses and many other UV sun protection products from a variety of specialist UK, European and Australian brands. 

It's important to keep your children protected from the sun - their skin is so very delicate that the effects of exposure to the sun can be very damaging to their skin.  The first step is to try and cover as much of your child's skin with cool, loose-fitting clothing as you can - and top it all off with a wide-brimmed sun hat.  Then you should try and protect the rest of the exposed skin with a good-quality sun block or sunscreen - at least Factor 15.  This should be applied regularly as it can be easily sweated off during the day.  Finally, don't forget a pair of wraparound sunglasses - damage to the eyes is just as dangerous as to the skin.  For more information, why not look at the Cancer Research UK pages on children's sun protection.

We have the finest range of children's sunblock products and sun protection clothing available in the UK, with a choice of prices and designs in everything from sun protection hats to complete beach sets or simple rash vests for older kids. Specialist sun proof clothing brands available to buy here include Koolsun, Sunproof, BabyBanz, KidzBanz, Splash About, Swimsafe, Jakabel and more. Designed to give the recommended body coverage, these leading manufacturers of sun protective clothing brands we sell are all approved to AS/NZS 4399:1996 - no-one offers a greater level of sun protection! With UV protection equivilent to 50+ sunblock, our sun protective swim wear blocks more than 97% of the sun's harmful UV rays. Look too for our range of sun protection products for children.



Childrens sun protective clothing

Parents can now buy speciality swimwear for kids with special sun-protective features. Now your children can enjoy the beach and the great outdoors with even greater skin protection than sunscreen provides. With these stylish and comfortable children's swimsuits, shirts and cover-ups you can be sure that you are keeping your children safe from the harsh effects of UV rays. Our UV sun protective swimwear is made from quality Australian Dupont Lycra, soft and with a matt finish. It is stretchy and easy to wear on all shapes and sizes of children. Our one piece UV protection suits are cut with side panels for comfort and fashion, with a back waist seam to keep the shape looking good whatever shape your children stretch into. Stitching is tidy and well finished and great care has been taken with the contrasting overstitching to ensure a neat, stylish look. Sun protection clothing that's lightweight and comfortable to wear, wet or dry. Being a nylon/elasthane mix, our sun protective clothing dries quickly and keep their shape to maintain body coverage even when wet. Our kids sun protective clothing and sun protective swim wear includes one piece swimsuits, two piece suits, tops, bottoms, sun protection hat and accessories. Plus, since your child's eyes need protection from the sun too, we have baby sunglasses from Babybanz and sunglasses for children from top designers. In colder months remember to look too for kids rainproof clothing from top children's rainwear brands.

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