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The new Thuka HIT range of children's beds offer a low cost range of budget prices childrens beds from this world leader in children's bedroom furniture. The Thuka HIT beds are available as bunk beds and cabin beds, high sleeper loft beds, or in fun novelty theme beds for boys and girls.  Thuka HIT beds are a cheaper alternative to other Thuka beds, are made from lighter weight solid pine and come in a selection of fixed designs. You can choose your Thuka HIT bed in natural wood pine finish or a smart whitewash design. Choose matching kids bedroom accessories including drawers, cabinets and wardrobes. You'll see beds for kids of all ages, including bunk bedsand midsleeper cabin beds for young kids, or high sleeper loft beds for older children and teenagers. You can also choose a highsleeper bed for a younger child with fun play tents below the top bunk, giving them a place to play or store. Whilst browsing inside, take a look the the new Thuka Trendy children's beds range where you'll find top quality beds designed in modular forms that can be set up to suit your precise needs.

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